Bade pools are Premier’s exclusive hydrotherapy facilities designed uniquely to host different systems of aqua-jet nozzles and tubs that focus on “healing through water.”    Consistent with the idea of Reflexology, our beloved Bade Pool aims to massage specific areas of the body through the strategically placed jets.  While relaxing in a full-body hot water immersion, what you do not realize is that this aqua-acupressure helps enhance circulation, skin tone, joints and muscle tension, and even digestion.

Indoor Bade Pool
1. Floating Jet

The water pressure from the floor jets massages the soles of your feet and continues to work its magic upwards, while the air bubbles surrounding you give a wonderful feeling of weightlessness.

2. Standing Hydro Jet

Powerful hydraulic pressure from these strategically placed jets will massage the lower half of your body from every direction, soothing out any aches and pains.

3. Walking Water Jets

Take a rejuvenating stroll past this medley of jets for a full body massage.  The walls are lined with nozzles that will not only help work out any tension, but strengthen your muscles as well.

4. Standing Neck Shower

Perfect for relieving stiffness in the neck and shoulders, while massaging your head with the strongest water pressure nozzles.

5. Seated Shoulder Jet

These strong jets target those tight neck and shoulder muscles.  The hyper-targeted nozzles are very powerful, so hold on while they work out any knots.

6. Seated Hydro Jet

Take a seat and let the hydro-pressure work its magic on your lower back, legs, and sides – all at the same time.  The ultimate full body massage!

7. Magnum Jet

Hold on!  This water system shoots water from all directions, targeting your full body for a unique water treatment.

8. Event Tub