Sauna Valley

Each room, equally ornate in structure and design, offers specific healing benefits through the combination of the infrared rays converted to heat and the essence of the rooms themselves.  The lining of each room is made from natural and authentic components, each organically beneficial to the body.

Himalayan Salt Sauna

Salt is a natural ionizer and creates a fresh, clean, bacteria-free environment.  This room will help regulate water and blood pressure throughout the body.  Calcium, sodium, magnesium, carbon, and manganese found in the blocks of salt help relieve allergies and asthma, soften and clears the skin, and reduce signs of aging.  The salt moisturizes the air allowing for easier breathing for those with respiratory issues.

Far Infrared Sauna

Heaters convert infrared light into heat, which is then directly absorbed into the skin (as opposed to heating the air), soothing joint stiffness, increasing oxygen flow to the brain, and clearing up nasal congestion and clogged pores.  The rays are vibrating at a frequency that allows for the body’s cells to activate and strengthen, which results in better circulation.  As the rays are directly absorbed by the body, detoxification is achieved.

Gold Sauna

From the Ancient Romans to the Egyptians, gold was used for its numerous medicinal and beauty powers.  Today, some believe that it reduces dependency on alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and carbohydrates.  Yet, a more proven benefit of gold is in its ability to improve mental acuity and concentration through increasing the conductivity between nerve endings.  Concurrently, it is beneficial for rejuvenating sluggish organs, especially the brain and the digestive system.  Gold is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases.

Chromotherapy Sauna

Used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, this alternative method of healing focuses on the use of colors to balance energy within the mind, body, and soul.  Specific colors are linked to different organs in the body, affecting emotions, moods, and physiological conditions.  When the energy of a particular organ is thrown off by disease, sickness, or distress, exposing the body to its related color wavelengths restore homeostasis.

The color of energy, vitality and power.

This color is associated with courage, strength, and alertness.  It helps blood circulation and the nerve system, as this color is linked to the base of the spine.

The color of nature and earth; healing and growth.

This color is associated with peace, love, and relaxation.  Helps reduce stress and calms the mind.  Green also stimulates growth and is conducive to reviving tired nerves.  This color is tied to the heart.

The color of truth and serenity.

This color is linked with creativity, health, vitality, and decisiveness.  It also helps soothe, which works towards anti-inflammation and anti-irritation. Blue helps speech and communication.  This color is connected to the throat, the greatest center of expression in the body.

The color of intellect; Joy and Creativity.

This color is tied to cheerfulness and optimism.  Benefits of exposure to this wavelength includes strengthened memory, energy, and mental clarity.  Yellow is also known to stimulate digestion and improves the liver.  This color relates to the solar plexus or the psychic center.

Ice Igloo

Short exposure to cold stimulation improves the body’s anti-oxidant capabilities, helping strengthen the immune system, firming the skin and closing the pores.  This cold sauna will reduce cellulite and relieve chronic pain and fatigue.  The Ice Igloo is also great for stops between the hot sauna rooms, as it acclimates your body’s temperature and offers a refreshing escape.

Loess Soil and Charcoal Sauna

The Loess Soil Sauna provides the ultimate meditative environment through the soothing aroma of Korean yellow clay.  The infrared rays emitted from the Loess Clay help blood circulation and metabolism, as well as relieve headaches, arthritis, liver ailment and even obesity.  Blood is detoxified as the infrared heat pushes out waste from the skin and pores.  Heated Loess is recommended to prevent topical dermatitis as well as to achieve relief from asthma.  The ceiling are lined with Charcoal, which has the unique ability to absorb thousands of times its weight.  Ingested toxins will be extracted from the body, killing viruses and bacteria, as well as lower cholesterol.